Here is a list of some of our preferred manufacturers.                                 

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ALLEN & HEATH                                                                                                           Allen & Heath specializes in manufacturing sound mixers. We have used Allen & Heath mixers in several of our projects and have found them to be some of the most reliable mixers around. They truly do make a world-class mixing desks using cutting-edge technology.    

COUNTRYMAN                                                                                                                   COUNTRYMAN Associates makes the most industry wide used earset mic, the E6.  This mic has become the standard mic for many church wireless systems for clean, feedback free, spoken word.

Crown is one of the world's largest and most respected manufacturers of power amplifiers and microphones for professional audio markets. Comtronics has been using Crown amplifiers for years, almost exclusively. Crown’s amplifiers are used in such venues as the MacArthur Park’s historic Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts in LA and Anaheim’s Honda Center, to name a few. We have found their amplifiers to be effective, great sounding, and reliable.

DBX                                                                                                                                 DBX is the industry standard for products like compressor/gates and equalizers.  DBX processors are some of our favorites.

DRAKE                                                                                                                            The R.L.Drake company has been a manufacturer of quality RF equipment since 1943. . They produce products and solutions for cable television systems, ADA assistive listening, video signal distribution, and digital television reception. We use several of their products for video distribution and langugae translation systems.

FURMAN SOUND INC.                                                                                                Furman Sound, Inc. produces high quality and innovative AC power conditioning and distribution products for which they are best known.

JBL                                                                                                                                  JBL Professional is well known for its vast variety of great sounding studio, sound reinforcement and portable speakers.  There is a JBL speaker for most every application.

JENSEN TRANSFORMERS                                                                                      Jensen Transformers, Inc., is a manufacturer and developer of high performance audio and video transformers. Jensen has a great reputation within the industry for superior quality and reliability.

KRAMER ELECTRONICS                                                                                         Kramer Electronics is a  worldwide supplier of innovative and reliable audio and video signal management products. They supply quality distribuition amplifiers, switchers, signal amplifiers, scan converters and video processors.

LEXICON                                                                                                                  Lexicon is a premier manufacturer of audio effects controllers used by studios and live sound reinforcement systems everywhere.

MACKIE                                                                                                               MACKIE, a division of LOUD Technologies, Inc., is a very popular manufacturer of audio mixers and consoles for studio and live sound applications.  Many Mackie mixers provide unique functions for configuring a cost effective system.

MIDDLE ATLANTIC                                                                                                       Middle Atlantic is a major supplier of a variety of floor standing and wall mount equipment racks.  We use Middle Atlantic equipment racks and their rack power strips almost exclusively.

RENKUS-HEINZ                                                                                                               Renkus Heinz is a premier speaker manufacturer.  We have recommended Renkus-Heinz speakers to many of our customers because of their great sound and versatility. Rankus-Heinz has been designing and manufacturing speakers for over 20 years and has even been awarded US patents for their innovations in speaker design. Depending upon the specifics of a particular project, we highly recommend Renkus-Heinz’s speakers.

SHURE                                                                                                                      SHURE INC.has been making microphones and audio electronics since 1925. They are leaders in the industry and their SM57 and SM58 are still the world’s top selling microphones. They are also leaders in the field of wireless microphone systems. Their UHF-R system is unbeatable for wireless sound quality. From churches to recording studios, SHURE mics are reliable and great sounding.

SOUNDCRAFT                                                                                                                 Soundcraft, part of the Harman Pro Group, is a designer and manufacturer of professional mixing consoles has a range of mixers that are designed for use in live sound, recording, post-production, TV and radio production and disco applications. Design and innovation has always been one of Soundcraft's major strengths. Our current favorite medium size consoles for churches are the GB4 (4 bus) 24 and 32 channel consoles and the GB8 (8bus) 32 and 40 channel consoles.

WHIRLWIND                                                                                                          Whirlwind manufactures a wide variety of products including direct boxes, mic and line level splitters and combiners, mic and line snakes, mass connectors and press boxes.

WILLIAMS SOUND                                                                                                    Williams Sound has provided hearing assistance technology products to customers worldwide for over 30 years. "Helping People Hear" is the core of their business philosophy. We use these products whenever an assistive listening system or a tour guide/mobile translation system is needed.

Other Lines Used In Our System Designs Are Products From:

Atlas Sound           - 70 volt Systems, attenuators

Community             - Stadium Speakers

Technomad            - Weather Proof Speakers

Stereo Stone          -  Rock Speakers

Denon & Marantz   -Playback and Record Equipment

FSR                          - Floor Pockets and Special Audio/Video Products

Bittree                     - Patch Bays for Audio and Video Systems

Sharp                      - Projectors, LCD and DLP

YAMAHA                 - CL and QL Consoles and Dante Systems